Levels 1 & 2

You’ll learn, practice (a lot!), and receive individual feedback. Your mentoring experience with Amy will help you better serve Spirit and your clients as you more fully develop and step into your gifts.

  • Make longer, deeper connections in service of your sitters
  • Gain greater trust and confidence in yourself as a medium
  • Incorporate high ethics, standards and professionalism into your work
  • Handle difficult clients with professionalism and set healthy boundaries

Build your advanced mediumship skills.

Deepen your trust and confidence in yourself and your guides.


  • Typically, you’ll meet with Amy every two weeks for 60 minutes, using Zoom video.
  • You will be assigned a significant amount of homework and practice to do between sessions.
  • The duration of the mentorship program is generally 12 months or more.
  • Maximum 20 students.


  • Details Coming Soon

Who does Amy accept as students?

  • You have developed your mediumship skill to Level 2 or Level 3 skill  (see below)
  • You work as a medium semi-professionally or professionally, part time or full time
  • You have done a minimum of 50 hours of paid readings
  • You have an interest in working with a high level of ethics and professionalism

Apply Today!

Application Required. As well, you will be asked to purchase a Skill Assessment. If you are accepted for mentoring, the full cost of the skill assessment will be applied towards the cost of your mentoring program.