Level: Introductory (No Experience Required)

Do you doubt your own intuition?

Do you wonder if you’re really seeing a sign, or just making it all up?

Do you wish you could build trust in yourself and use your intuition for your own good?

Everyone — including you! — has intuition. It brings us helpful information (about many things), but we often miss the messages! Why?

  • We dismiss it.
  • We talk ourselves out of it.
  • We get “in our head” and analyze it beyond all recognition.
  • We ignore it.

In this class, get in touch with YOUR intuition — (1) your own psychic wisdom, (2) your guides and (3) your loved ones who have passed. Discover and reduce your own barriers to your flow of psychic information. Gain tools and  practices that empower you to use your intuition with confidence, safety and ethics.

Build trust in signs, messages and your own intuitive wisdom.

Learn in a supportive community with expert teachers.


  • Classroom, interactive
  • 2 full days
  • Information and demonstrations
  • Experiential exercises and take-home practices
  • Holistic, balanced, grounded approach
  • Lead instructor Amy Utsman, psychic medium
  • Assistant instructor Nancy Scheel, personal development coach
  • Maximum 40 students

Core Curriculum

  • Intuition – what it is, how it feels, what to expect
  • Meet your guide(s)
  • Access and build trust in your own psychic intuition
  • Make a first medium connection with a loved one who has passed
  • Get your mind out of the way (so intuition flows)

and more…

  • Discern messages and signs from your imagination
  • Access your body’s intuition
  • Strengthen your intuition with healthy boundaries
  • Learn how communication styles affect intuition
  • Use your intuition with solid ethics

Is This Class For You?

Note: This class is NOT for professional or advanced-level psychics and mediums.

This class is for you if you are…

  • A beginner
  • Curious about possible signs or visits you may have received from your loved ones who have passed
  • Curious about whether you’ve been getting intuitive hits about things
  • Are familiar with what psychic or medium readings are like
  • Ready to build trust in your own skills
  • Interested in safe, ethical practice

Please note: This class does not include readings of participants by the teachers.

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