Guidance with Love and Without Judgement

“I now have a new perception of life and death. I am comforted to know I can reach across the veil to communicate with my loved ones on the other side and they can talk to me. This knowledge opens up the universe to endless possibilities and hope. Amy and Sharon and Nancy guided us with love and without judgement. If I can do this……anyone can do this!” – Marylou, Dec. 2022

Connect With Confidence and Consistency

You’ve already learned some basics. You’ve connected with your own loved ones. Perhaps you’ve practiced with peers or in a circle.

And you might not think of yourself as a “medium.” Or maybe you’re exploring the idea of professional mediumship.

Either way … you wish you felt more confident. You still get in your head. And you want to become more skilled overall.

Your Questioning Mind: Is It Really Spirit?

Sometimes you’re sure you’ve made a genuine connection. But you don’t always know. And sometimes it feels like you’re getting bits and pieces more than messages.

In fact, you still question yourself … “Is this information truly coming from Spirit? Or is it just my  own mind?” You wish you could discern more clearly.

Welcome to Mediumship Level 1!

Level 1 is all about deepening your ability to make strong, consistent mediumship connections. And with our holistic focus, it’s also about identifying and addressing your personal blocks — especially that voice of doubt that lives in your head.

Whether you aspire to be a professional medium or not, we welcome you to our learning community!

And, our unique teaching team is comprised of two professional mediums plus one professional personal coach. Classes alternate between instruction and practice.

Join Our Safe, Supportive Learning Community

We know your inner judge voice is loud enough — you don’t need anyone else adding to it!

We are very intentional in the ways that we create a very safe, supportive and structured class environment.

Class size is small. It is always safe to make mistakes … or to have that practice reading when absolutely nothing comes to you. We support you through all of that and more. And we always champion your growth.

A New Teaching Approach

We’ve seen that every person connects a little differently — it’s not “one size fits all.” That’s why we have three instructors — so you get multiple perspectives and support.

And we use a whole-person approach. Our team includes a professional coach who shows you to work harmoniously with your body, emotions, nervous system and energy.

A Student’s Experience

“I can’t rave enough about the Mediumship Level 1 class and its teachers, Amy, Nancy and Sharon.

Each of these instructors brought different facets to the class, which combined to make a truly fulsome offering.

The topics were covered thoroughly and students were encouraged to ask questions, which were answered fully and non-judgmentally.

These Q&A discussions helped us delve further into various subjects, which I think benefited everyone.

The atmosphere was extremely supportive and it was amazing to see each student’s growth during the class’s duration.

Life doesn’t give us many opportunities to be part of a group that’s not competitive, where you’re sincerely cheering each other on, but this class did just that.

We shared laughter and tears of joy and it was truly an experience I’ll never forget.

For anyone on the fence about signing up, I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

–Diana D., Dec. 2022

Class Format:

  • Live meetings via video (Zoom platform)
  • 22 weeks, 90 minutes each meeting
  • Meetings alternate between instructional classes and group practice (12 classes, 10 practice sessions)
  • Information, hands-on exercises, interaction, homework
  • All class recordings and materials available for 1 year (Teachable)
  • Discussion board via Teachable
  • Maximum 30 students


  • “Sitting in the power” (connecting to the Other Side and holding that connection)
  • Being a good Sitter (for practices)
  • Setting up your reading from the beginning for the best outcome, whether for your communication with your own loved one or for a Sitter
  • Keeping your inner Critical Voice from interfering in connections
  • Increasing your skill and confidence with each of the “Clairs”
  • Identifying the relationship of the Spirit Communicator with the Sitter, or to help differentiate among your own family members
  • Identifying and working with your own personal blocks and challenges
  • Asking appropriate, useful questions to draw more information from your Spirit Communicator
  • Remaining compassionate and non-judgmental for all parties in a reading
  • Believing in yourself and knowing the self (Your intuition vs. you and your conscious mind)

What Makes This Class Different?

  1. We stay grounded. We keep our focus on mediumship skills, boundaries, safe practice, self-care and self-management.
  2. We teach as a team. You get the complementary perspectives of Amy Utsman and Sharon Jones as professional mediums and Nancy Scheel as a professional coach.
  3. We’re good with analytical thinkers. Intuition comes in all flavors, and we help you hone your own style and abilities.
  4. Our approach is always holistic. We believe your personal growth accelerates your mediumship growth.

Your Instructors

Amy Utsman

Amy is an accomplished medium, psychic, teacher and mentor. She founded the Whole Medium Academy in 2019 as part of her mission to raise the standard of ethics and professionalism in the field of mediumship. As a psychic medium, she’s known for accuracy and compassion, and her ability to convey the personalities of those on the Other Side. As a teacher, she is authentic, clear and empowering.

Nancy Scheel

Nancy is a professional coach with over 2,500 coaching hours and is co-founder of the Whole Medium Academy. As a teacher and coach, she helps mediumship students identify and overcome personal blocks to their intuition or confidence. While Nancy is naturally intuitive and analytical, she emphasizes practices for working with the physical body, emotions, nervous system and energy field.

Sharon Jones

Sharon is a professional Evidential Medium and Intuitive, teacher and mentor, practice circle leader and Reiki master. She joined the Whole Medium Academy faculty in early 2022, where she’s received outstanding student feedback. She brings her gentle, empathic nature to both clients and students, creating a safe space to develop confidence, skill and consistency.

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