For Beginners No Experience Required

Are you curious about connecting with your own loved ones — even though you might not have any experience?

Are you making unexpected connections or having medium experiences but don’t know what to do?

Are you exploring what medium connections (or mediumship) is all about?

Getting started with connections to the Other Side is exciting…

… And it can feel a little intimidating, too. Our class is a safe, friendly environment that welcomes beginners — including those with no experience at all — who have a sincere desire to explore making medium connections for themselves.

Learn the basic building blocks for making connections.

Learning to connect can feel like learning a new language. As we introduce new skills one at a time, you’ll be using your brain and body in exciting new ways. And, you’ll find yourself connecting more deeply with your own soul.

We’re here to help you grow.

In class, you’ll learn to make medium connections using healthy boundaries and control. You’ll develop your individual “clairs” — the different ways of sensing that mediums use to communicate with the other side. We’ll help you leverage your strongest senses and develop your weaker ones.

If you’re like every one of us, sooner or later, you’ll experience some doubt.

Doubt about yourself. About your  intuition. About your connections! You’ll overthink it, get in your own way, and wonder what the heck you’re doing here. That’s all part of the normal process, and we’ll support you through that!

And, it’s not only about the mechanics.

Yes, we focus on skills, but’s that’s not all. Making medium connections is also about keeping good boundaries, taking care of yourself, dealing with emotions, and building your confidence.

What about practice?

You’ll get lots of individual exercises and tools that will help you build your foundational skills. We’ll do some activities in class, and you’ll have some as homework. Note that you will not be doing any practice readings with anyone else.

Why won’t we do practice readings with each other?

Making connections for others requires skills that we don’t teach in this class. We’ve found that jumping into readings for others before you’re really ready is not a good idea. It often creates discouragement and doubt. At this level, we focus on giving you a strong foundation for developing your core skills. You’ll strengthen your own abilities and skills so you can make better, stronger, more reliable connections with your own loved ones.

Take your first steps into mediumship.

Build your skills and confidence, in a supportive community of learners.


  • Live class meetings via video (Zoom platform)
  • Information, hands-on exercises, interaction, homework
  • 6 class sessions led by Amy Utsman (first is 90 minutes, the rest are 60 minutes)
  • 1 class session led by Nancy Scheel, personal development coach (60 minutes)
  • 1 Q&A session (60 minutes)
  • Maximum 30 students


  • Introduction to Making Connections (Mediumship)
  • Connecting to the Other Side: Unintentional vs. Intentional Connections
  • Using Healthy Boundaries
  • Introduction to the “Clairs” – Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience
  • Self-care and Ethical practices
  • Q&A Session

What Makes This Class Different?

  1. We stay grounded. We keep our focus on mediumship skills, boundaries, safe practice, self-care and self-management.
  2. We teach as a team. You get the complementary perspectives of both Amy Utsman as professional medium and Nancy Scheel as a professional coach.
  3. We’re good with analytical thinkers. Intuition comes in all flavors, and we help you find your own style and abilities.
  4. We keep our class size small. We are here to support your development.

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