Level: Semi-Professional and Professional

When you work by yourself, it can be hard to get reliable, honest feedback about your skills.

Now you can get an individualized, professional assessment of your medium or psychic reading abilities from teacher and psychic medium Amy Utsman.

Amy will review a recording of one of your readings and then meet with you to provide you a detailed assessment and recommendations for development. She’ll also assess your current skill level (Level 1, 2 or 3).

Assess your readiness for professional practice.

Or, discover your next level for skill development.


  • Book your meeting (see below).
  • At least 7 days before your meeting, provide Amy with a 30-minute recording of one of your readings
  • Meet with Amy via video meeting, 60 minutes

Evaluation of:

  • Strength of connections
  • Correct use/separation of psychic and medium connections
  • Evidence provided
  • Delivery style, including non-verbals
  • Use of clairs
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Determination of current skill level


No application required, but you will provide a recording of a 30-minute reading.

To book an assessment session ($225), please contact Amy directly.