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  • Enlightenment

    My reading with Amy was great! It was very interesting and fulfilling. While it was not what I expected, I am very pleased. Amy is very good, and I highly recommend her!!! A full five-star rating from me!!

    Kara Woodall, June 3, 2016
  • Thanks Amy

    Reading was very caring and thought provoking. I am still digesting all I heard, but thanks for making me feel your empathy. James.

    James P., September 1, 2016
  • The Best There Is!

    In addition to being thoughtful, kind, sensitive and gentle, Amy is extraordinarily gifted! She is incredibly accurate and delivers the messages you are supposed to receive. I have been to dozens of spiritual “masters” and Amy is the best i’ve ever been to. She is truly amazing.

    Polly Schiff, 15 Sep
  • Amy Utsman is the Truth

    Before seeing Amy, I had never had an experience with psychic or medium. So, I was a little nervous going into the appointment. Amy put me at ease almost immediately. Her office is a very comfortable environment, and Amy’s warm and welcoming demeanor were comforting as well. The reading itself was truly amazing! Amy was incredibly accurate and was able to communicate beautiful messages from deceased loved ones. 

    Amy was even able to tell me about some family history that I didn’t even know about, but after my reading I confirmed with my parents that they were in fact accurate. During the psychic portion of my reading, she dropped some real gems that will hopefully help me achieve my goals and have better relationships with family and friends. Bottom line…Amy is the TRUTH!! This was my first visit of many to come. Don’t think twice about booking your appointment!

    Alexandra, 20 Jun.
  • Absolutely Amazing

    Amy is absolutely incredible! I have had several readings done and the most recent was a medical reading. From the very first detail she said told me she was spot on and so accurate with details. She always gives me such informative and reassuring details. She also recommended holistic ways to help myself.

    Erin, 20 July
  • Very Clear and Thorough

    Amy did an amazing job of viewing my whole system with a Medical Intuitive Reading. As an Intuitive myself, my standards are extremely high and yet I was thrilled to have her be able to see me so well. Thank you, Amy! I look forward to working with you in more capacities in the future. Blessings!

    Veronica Lee, February 24, 2017
  • A Group Reading Host Shares Her Experience…

    Amy came to my home and I hosted 14 friends, acquaintances and relatives for our session. It proved to be an extremely fascinating and informative evening. Her encounters were “spot on” and very accurate. (Make sure you have tissue handy!) She answered our questions and even spent time after the “spirits” left to answer some of our questions about the future. I was previously a skeptic, and this was my second group meeting with Amy. I am always blown away but how accurate and detailed she is about our loved ones who have passed. If you want to spend an unforgettable evening with family and friends, I strongly suggest you contact Amy for a night you will never forget!

    Laurie, Miami FL
  • Such a Gift!

    From the beginning to the end of the group session, Amy was giving, transparent and informative. She spoke of her background and how she ended up where she is today. Her readings as she went around the room were clearly on point and brought in detailed tangible information for the receivers from their loved ones. I was able to ask questions of my passed relative and was met with immediate specific answers. It was very comforting for me. Amy has an amazing gift.

    Laura T.
  • Extremely gifted psychic/medium

    Look no further for an exceptional psychic/medium experience! Amy is not only a gifted, accurate and amazing psychic/medium, she is also an awesome person; being very kind, smart, caring and funny. Every session with her, and I’ve had several, is impactfulnand special.

    Christina D., December 12, 2015
  • Excellent, Excellent & Memmorative!

    Amy immediately puts you at ease.The information she was able to give about my deceased relatives was very descriptive, detailed and spot on. She asked no questions, looked for no clues or hints and was able to give me everything I had come for, and then some. What an experience! It has stayed with me for many days.

    Carole Sommovigo, July 16
  • It has been said, when you sit at the feet of a Master you will know it and I sure did when I personally worked with Amy Utsman for a Medical Intuitive session. From the start, Amy explained what she was feeling, seeing and knowing what my body had to share. And every time she shared the information, it was beyond accurate, and it was extremely insightful. Timelines that my body had been holding onto, were brought forward and clarity for understanding and healing was instant. I ended my experience working with Amy feeling lighter, my heart more open and my mind at peace. Amy has natural gifts that are incredible to not experience, but to see her in action working with Spirit. There are people who come into your Life that there is an instant knowing of who they are and that they are a part of your Soul family and heart. This is exactly what transpired from the first moment I met Amy. Amy is a true Master Healer and I for one am so happy she does the work she does, it’s literally life changing and very enlightening.

    Karen A., California
  • Recommended by Lisa Williams, International Psychic Medium:

    When Amy wrote to me asking to be considered into the Master Teacher course, I didn’t hesitate, even though at the time she was not certified through the LWISSD or had I even met her. I completely trusted in Spirit and they were not wrong. Amy is highly gifted as a Psychic and a Medium and also a teacher. She has a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to her teaching — but she ensures that she gets the very best out of you by pushing you past your comfort zone so you can grow. She is friendly and caring and professional, and dedicates her life to her work. It’s been a pleasure to get to know Amy and I look forward to many years working together!

    Lisa Williams – International Psychic Medium

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