I will be doing much of the work to prepare for your reading prior to our session together, such as mediating and opening myself up to receive information that is in the highest service of you and your soul. However, there are things you can do to prepare prior to your reading as well.

Below is a list of suggestions you can use to help you prepare:

  • To access your own guidance, I recommend you set your intention for who you want to hear from and what you want to know.

• If there are certain spirits you want to hear from, “invite” them ahead of time.

• Think of them and let them know that a doorway will be open for them at the time of your medium reading.

• Tell them how much you would love to communicate with them.

• Reflect on any questions you may have for them.

  • It is important that you not provide me with any information about yourself, your situations, your family, etc. ahead of time.
  • For a psychic reading make a list of questions you may have.
  • Equally important, try not to force any messages to fit for you or your circumstances by providing me with specific details, whether in advance or during our session.
  • If you can, meditate prior to our session. This could help you stay relaxed, open and keep your energy vibration at a good level.
  • If you don’t or can’t mediate prior, try taking several deep, full breath. This will help you relax and stay open to the experience.


If you have never had a psychic medium reading or medium reading before, you might be feeling a little anxious or wonder what to do or how to get ready for the session.

Below is a list of suggestions you can use to help you prepare:

  • Whether your reading is on the phone, video or in the office, arrive 5 minutes early so you are ready and not feeling rushed and stressed.
  • Minimize distractions. If you have scheduled a phone or video reading, attend the session in a quiet, private room.
  • Place your phone in airplane mode or in “do not disturb” mode regardless of where your session is conducted.
  • Do not do a phone or video reading from your work or in your car.
  • Be open-minded and curious about what will occur in the reading.