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Amy Utsman’s Booking Schedule: How it Works



Amy Utsman will open her schedule for new online bookings on June 1st at approximately 12:00pm EDT to book appointments in the month of September. Appointments sell out very quickly. (On May 1, a full month of appointments for August sold out in just 15 minutes.)

If you are seeing this message: Amy temporarily has no availability for any readings at this time.


Tips for Getting an Appointment:

  1. Put a reminder in your calendar for the first day of the coming month at noon Eastern time.
  2. At that time, return to the bookings page and select your preferred type of reading.
  3. If slots are available, the “Schedule Reading” button will open Amy’s online booking system instead of this information page.


More information:

  • Amy only books out four months from any given date.
  • When the schedule opens, there will be one month of slots available to book.
  • When slots are available, you won’t see this message. You’ll see the booking system instead.
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