If you are tempted to end your pain by ending your life: Please know suicide is not okay with the Spirit World. It slows the progression of your soul’s journey and hampers life lessons to be learned.

Damon is a beautiful young man in the Spirit World who died by suicide. I met him just the other day during a medium reading for his mom.

In readings, I speak with far too many people who’ve transitioned by suicide. I find they’re often very sensitive souls. And they are people we need here in the physical world.

Damon stood out to me because of the detail he shared to his mom about his passing.

Damon was as bright, caring and sensitive as he’d been in the physical world. He knew his mom was worried about how he’d been welcomed to the Other Side, and he wanted to put her at ease. He shared:

“When people transition like I did, we are all welcomed and loved unconditionally … It felt the same as how you loved me unconditionally when I was born.”

He continued by giving me rich imagery (clairvoyance), about how he experienced his transition into the Spirit world:

“All of a sudden, I was surrounded by family members I knew — and my guides, too. I had a strong awareness of how my actions contributed to the pain of those I left behind in the physical world.

Throughout the process of crossing over to the Other Side, I could feel my relatives and guides holding me, loving me and giving me strength.”

I’ve never had anybody explain it and show it like Damon did. In fact, I hope I’m doing him justice right now!

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Damon went on to relay that he never feels judged in the Spirit World. He quickly added that people don’t carry any form of illness or disabilities (mental or physical) over to the Other Side.

Damon’s Message Is for You, Too

I chose to share Damon’s story because I hope it will help anyone who’s suffered the loss of a loved one who died by suicide.

In my 14 years of mediumship, I’ve never seen anyone being judged for transitioning by suicide. Instead, they are brought into the Spirit World with unconditional love and support.

Are they aware of the pain that they’ve left behind? Absolutely, yes. But as they’re guided through a healing process, they also begin to very clearly understand how their actions have deeply affected the loved ones they’ve left behind.

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Why does someone choose to die by suicide? It’s a painful, unanswered question that so many people live with, here in the physical plane. Grief from any loss is difficult enough as it is. But when a child (or anyone near and dear to us) transitions in this manner, the weight can feel even heavier.

If you’ve placed a burden on yourself about your loved one, perhaps knowing that they are  receiving love and support will help bring some ease.

As you work on your own healing, expect the ride may be rough at times. Respect your grief. Honor your grief. Over time, you may find you can learn to adjust your grief.

Take small steps … and please, take good care of YOU!

988 Suicide & Crisis Hotline – Call or Text. We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.