Man in Hospital

For confidentiality, I never use clients’ real names or share the specifics of their spiritual journeys.

Melinda, a longtime medium client, recently approached me with a question. It’s one I’m frequently asked, in one form or another: “How long until …?”

People often turn to me when someone they love is facing a debilitating or terminal illness. It’s hard for them to witness the emotional and physical pain of disease. And, their anxiety can be fueled by the uncertainty about how much time until a loved one declines or transitions.

This not-knowing can trigger feelings of helplessness. Of losing control. And that’s why clients like Melinda sometimes turn to me for psychic answers.

Melinda’s situation was double-edged. Her 75-year-old father, who had begun showing signs of confusion and forgetfulness, was diagnosed with the early signs of dementia. The doctor said the decline was expected to accelerate quickly.

Unfortunately, Melinda was navigating a serious health issue of her own, too.

How quickly would her own disease progress? Would she be able to care for her father when he could no longer safely live on his own? Was there an urgent need to find long-term care for her father — or herself?

Melinda’s cousin told her about a psychic she’d seen on TV who was able to “predict the future” in cases like hers.

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Since Melinda was a longtime mediumship client of mine, she reached out to me, hoping I could foresee the progression of her and her father’s illnesses to help her plan ahead.

The Soul Makes Its Own Decisions

I understood Melinda’s anxiety and fear. And I really wanted to give her the answers she so badly sought.

But that’s not what ethical psychics do. At least, in my opinion — and many of my fellow reputable mediums and psychics agree.

It is our strong belief that it’s not appropriate to communicate how someone’s life — or illness — will unfold over a specific timeline.

I will never say another psychic is wrong, but we may hold different belief systems.

Often, though, we can psychically pick up on a person’s personality. And that may tell us a lot about how their journey could unfold.

For example, a feisty or strong-willed person may choose to fight and stay as long as possible. They may not know how to let go until their body does.

Or, if someone is a high achiever or has a distinguished reputation, they may choose to leave earlier than expected because they may not want to be seen in a compromised or debilitated state.

The reason I (and others) hold this school of thought is that it is up to the soul to decide when we transition. And that can change at any time!

Locking in a time frame would beholden someone to a “chained” life dictated by a psychic rather than their own personal journeys. Our souls are free. Our souls decide our destiny.

Find Peace in the Unknown

I couldn’t offer Melinda the precise timeline she was looking for. But I was able to release some of her anxiety about the unknown by sharing what I picked up about both her and her father’s paths. This information allowed her to better plan for what lay ahead.

Every soul has its own journey. And we need to respect it — even in cases when we wonder why someone lingers so long.

While it can be difficult to watch someone we love draw nearer to their transition, perhaps knowing the soul is not suffering can offer a bit of peace. Especially when we know they’ll be welcomed with unconditional love and support on the Other Side.

Trust the soul. It knows its path to peace.