Today was your day! You just had the medium reading that you booked weeks ago. You’re still buzzing with excitement — the medium knew so many details about your life!

She told you about Grandma’s secret rice pudding recipe. And that time Aunt Sally’s dog got sprayed by a skunk. How did she know those things?

But you’re also wondering … why did she get some things wrong?

Like when she said your Uncle George smoked cigars. Everyone knows Uncle George only smoked English pipe tobacco! And when she saw your mother wearing an apron with apples on it. Your mom baked apple pies for your dad but she never wore an apron. She didn’t even own one!

Shouldn’t good mediums and psychics get all of the information right all of the time?

We mediums might make spirit communication look easy, but the process is actually very complex. It’s fairly common for a sitter say, “No, I don’t recognize that,” or “No, that is not correct.” And that’s okay!

There is no perfection in spirit communication.

There’s no perfect communication in the physical world either. Our friends, our family members, people we encounter in our day-to-day lives — we all have different communication styles. Sometimes two people just naturally “get” each other. Information flows easily. Sometimes they don’t get each other. And then it takes more effort for them to understand each other.

The same holds true when communicating with those in spirit.

And without question, psychic and medium readings should have a high degree of accuracy.

But the reader is meeting you (the sitter) and your loved ones for the first time. The lines of communication are brand new. Everyone is getting to know everyone else’s way of communicating. It may take a few minutes  before communication really flows.

At the start of the reading, you may only relate to about 80% of the information. But once everyone gets used to “talking” to each other, the accuracy may improve. In my experience, an excellent reading can be about 90% accurate or better.

Who’s doing the talking?

During a psychic reading, I work with my guides and the energy body around you (your auric field).

Sometimes, your guides may join in. Information flows between the guides, me and you. If you are open to being read and receiving information, that helps the overall flow even more.

In a mediumship reading, communication flows between the person on the Other Side, me and you.

In both types of readings, all three points on the “triangle” must work together for there to be accuracy. I also have to be careful not to interpret too much of the information I get. If I do, I may inadvertently distort things. You may not recognize the messages being sent.

With so many dynamics involved, you can see how wires can easily get crossed. When a reading is on point, the information comes to me in a strong, fast-paced flow. You (the sitter) will recognize many of the details that come in.

But when things are off, I can usually sense it.

The person on the Other Side may seem far away. Or I can tell that you aren’t relating to the information being shared.

For me, it sometimes feels like there’s static on the lines of communication. I have to work too hard for the information to flow. If this happens, I ask the guides or the person on the Other Side what I’ve gotten wrong. I may also ask if they can give me the information in a way that makes more sense to you.

Why accuracy matters

When you get a reading, you’re more likely to trust messages from the Other Side when you’re sure the reader is truly connected to your loved ones. If I tell you about Grandma’s secret rice pudding recipe, for instance, you’ll know I am connected to Grandma. So, when I later tell you that Grandma says your new living room décor is not to her taste, you’ll trust she really said that.

As a reader, accuracy is extremely important to me as well. The purpose of mediumship is to show that life continues beyond the physical world. I’m here in service to those on the Other Side.

While I don’t think any reader achieves 100% accuracy in any reading, overall accuracy is critical. Without it, there’s no way for me to show you that life never ends and for you to know your loved ones are still connected to you.