Your loved one on the Other Side is sending signs to everyone — except you. What’s going on? Have you done something wrong? Did you upset your loved ones?

I hear this concern from clients all the time.

First of all, you didn’t do anything wrong. It is possible that there’s something making it harder to receive the signs. For example, deep grief, medications, illness or exhaustion can all make it harder to receive signs and communications.

But usually, that’s not the real issue. Most often, the signs are there — but you’re missing them! That’s because your loved one isn’t sending you the signs you’re looking for. They’re sending signs in their own way.

In other words, you’re expecting to get “A” … but your loved one is sending “B” or “C” or “D.”

I’ve done many readings where this discrepancy comes up in the conversation. The loved one in Spirit points out all the signs they’ve been sending. But the client had been looking out for something else instead.

 “The Coins”

One of my clients, “Sarah,” had read many books on signs and Spirit communication. Her father was in Spirit, and she’d decided to “test” communication for herself. Over and over — at least five times — she asked her father to leave a coin for her in a specific place.

But nothing happened.

No coins. No signs. No messages.

Sarah began to doubt everything she’d heard or read about Spirit Communication.

She came to me for a reading, and I connected with her father. She asked me, “Why don’t I get any signs from him? Especially when I’ve been asking?”

Her father began to laugh. He described himself as “budget-oriented” and said, “I never gave away money before. I’m sure not going to start now!”

He went on to say that Sarah had been seeing his name everywhere. Even on a torn piece of paper found in the mailbox! And at times, she’d smelled his Old Spice fragrance. These were all signs he was sending.

Then he shared that when he’d been in his physical form, he used to read the local newspaper.

Sarah did not share that habit and had no local-news subscriptions, either digital or print.  Yet, several times when she’d looked on her phone or computer, she inexplicably saw the local news displayed there.

Sarah was able to validate all of these signs her father shared in the reading. And she understood: She’d been looking for a certain type of sign, but her father was providing signs that worked best for him.

“The Lightbulbs”

When “Jenny” came for a reading with me, her “Aunt Maggie” was in Spirit. Jenny said she was aware of certain signs coming from her aunt. But she felt these signs were repetitive. She wanted to broaden her relationship and communication with her aunt.

So, she’d watched videos about Spirit Communication and read books and blogs. But she hadn’t been successful in getting more diverse signs or expanding her relationship with her aunt. She asked, “What’s wrong with me that I can’t do this?”

Aunt Maggie was with us in the reading, and said, “Well, first of all, Jenny’s living in my house!” She showed me a settee — an older type seating — that was in the room. In fact, there wasn’t much furniture in this room. Jenny was the only person who would go in there much, as no one else really liked this small room. But this is where Jenny would try to connect with her aunt.

Then Aunt Maggie said, “Ask Jenny how many times she’s checked the lightbulbs and electricity in that room.” Jenny said, “Oh my gosh, yes, we checked everything several times over! The wiring is all fine.”

Her aunt said, “But tell Jenny that when the light flickers, it’s always in a 1-2-3 pattern!” Jenny laughed and said, “Wow, all this time I was thinking there was a short circuit in the lamp — even though we could never find a real problem!”

Aunt Maggie went on to suggest that Jenny bring her spiritual books into the room. That way, Aunt Maggie would help guide Jenny to the specific pages that would help them bridge the connection together.

This was a beautiful example of someone in Spirit helping out in a very specific way to create a stronger connection!

Your Loved Ones Communicate Their Way

If you see yourself in these stories, don’t be upset. Have a good laugh! It’s such a human thing to happen. It’s like the little miscommunications and misunderstandings we have in our everyday world. Someone said one thing, but we hear something else.

In the Spirit world, just like in our physical world, people have individual styles, ways and preferences. If you’re not getting signs, stop and reflect on your loved one. What did they like to do? What were their values? Were they a talkative type or more quiet?

Also, reflect on signs you may be dismissing. Perhaps you thought they were coincidences. Or they didn’t seem like signs. Or it was just something you couldn’t explain, but, well, “who knows?” Revisit those occurrences. Could they be signs, and you just didn’t realize it?

Now, not everything is a sign. Sometimes a flickering light bulb is just one that needs to be changed. But remember it takes a lot of energy for the Spirit World to create signs that we can perceive in the physical world. So, they might be more subtle than you’d expect. Open your mind and allow for the possibility.

And every time you do get a sign (or possible sign), say thank you! The more you acknowledge the signs, the more likely you’ll get more in the future.