​(Facebook Post, 1/30/17)

I have chosen to keep my political feelings off of Facebook. I do not feel it is the place to discuss people’s various feelings and loyalties to the person who won or the people that didn’t win this election.

As with my work and life, I like to keep the energy on my Facebook page clean, positive and empowering.

I do have something to say today though. It is long, so bear with me.

We are in extreme troubling times in the world, which includes the United States. Here is what I know about people in the world based on my experience.

I have read for thousands of people across the United States (almost every state), worldwide (including Greece, Syria, Brazil, Hong Kong, Canada and more). Some of these readings required translators of course.

Here is what I have learned and what many of us know at a soul level. I have learned that regardless of race, religion, color, language spoken and gender at the core we are people. People are people and want the same things at our core. A mother’s loss for her child is no less painful in Syria than in the U.S. or Canada or Brazil or Somalia or Ethiopia or China or Russia.

I have learned we all want a home of our own. A place we can feel safe and rest at night. It is a tie that binds.

I have learned we all want to earn enough to pay our bills and perhaps have a little more so we can explore this world. It is a tie that binds.

I have learned that we all get concerned about our health and how it affects us. A tie that binds.

I have learned that we all suffer from grief. It is a tie that binds us.

I have learned that we all want to feel heard, understood, loved and accepted. It is a tie that binds us.

I have learned that we all want to know what our purpose is. Why am I here? What is this life about? It is a tie that binds us.

I have learned that we all question if there is a God, many Gods, a higher power or no God? It is a tie that binds.

I am sure you have heard the phrase that we are all connected. It is true. We are. We are souls living in the physical world trying to make sense of this physical life. It is at this soul level that we are all connected. A tie that binds.

So you say, if we are all connected then why are we in such disarray in this world today? Why do people do what they do to another? Why is there so much hate?

The tie is there. We must just look for it again. It gets buried by ego and the seductiveness of power. This isn’t anything new. Ego and power have dictated many horrible things in history. Ego is just a defense mechanism for those who do not feel heard, understood, loved and accepted. This can start at a young age.

So what do we do? What is different now? What is different now is that we are more connected than ever. We have social media that has brought us together globally. We must focus and look at one another through the lens of the tie that binds.

When you look at the world as a whole and really study it you will see the horrible things that are happening are a result of the ego fighting to keep its power. This is how change comes about. The ego must express itself and it gets tamed by being heard and seen. Sometimes the ego gets out of control and the person becomes the ego and there isn’t any amount of going against or with it that will precipitate change.

Go the place of the tie that binds and work from that place. It is there that you will find we indeed do have a great deal of power. When used together, this is how we will invoke change in our world. Like any change, it takes time. We are in that place now and have been for the last 5 years or so. But if we stand together as the souls we are then we are using our power the fullest. We can make this world better for all of us. The ego will always fight but our power can be greater when united.

Thank you for listening.