I’ll let you in on a secret: When two or more mediums work together in group setting, that’s how we like to party! It is really fun for us, because otherwise our work is often a bit isolating. But having a good time is not the only reason we join up with each other. There’s something in it for you, too!


When mediums work at an event together, each medium helps to elevate the level of power that is needed for Spirit Communication. It’s like super-charging the whole setting! This power allows more spirits to communicate, and that means more people get to be read.


Think about it like this. You know how you are more attracted to some people than others, regardless of the reason?  This doesn’t change when we go to the other side. Just like here, Spirits are attracted to different mediums. This is due to their own personality, comfort level and way of being. Spirits will choose the medium whom they feel is best suited to get their messages across in the most effective manner for their loved ones here. No judgment! Just “best fit.”


There is something very special when mediums “link” together. That’s when two of us are connecting with your loved one at the same time. Not all mediums can easily link together; it seems to relate  both to mediums’ skills and personalities. When it happens… well, this is just plain cool for us do, and for you to witness and experience!


Here’s how we do it. First, the two mediums join our energy with each other. Then we invite a spirit to join in. Amazingly, although we are both communicating with the same spirit, each of us will pick up something a little different! (Wow… mind blown, right? It never gets old for me!)


Here is a simple little example that happened when medium Lisa Williams and I linked together in a short demonstration for our students in class. We connected with each other, and then connected with a male spirit who showed up. Here’s what we said to the class:


Me (Amy): This man really liked his food. Particularly steak… filet mignon, to be specific!

Lisa: (laughing) Yeah, he loved to smother that beautiful steak with A-1 sauce!


After the demo, Lisa told the class that this spirit knew that I (Amy) had been a professional chef in the earlier part of my career. The spirit did not show me the A-1 sauce because he thought I might look down on him for that! But he showed it to Lisa, to give the complete the picture of how he really liked to have his steak.


Mediumship is about being in service. When two mediums come together, we are able to serve more people at once. That is why we do it. And because… yes, just like you, we love a good time!