It’s extraordinary, isn’t it? The communication that happens between worlds — mediumship – how can it possibly be? I have been working as a medium for over ten years, and to be honest, I am still amazed that it happens as well as it does. Here’s why!


Spirit communication has to overcome differences in energy. Think about light and sound. Light travels much faster than sound. Those who are in the spirit world are pure energy. Their vibration is very fast. Those of us here in the physical world have an energy that is much more dense; therefore the energy vibration is slower here. You could also think of it like a radio playing two different radio stations at the same time – and trying to make sense of it all!


In order for communication to happen with the spirit world, the spirits must slow their energy down. At the same time, the medium must raise her energy up. It’s a bit like meeting in the middle, making the connection between the two.


Both those in spirit and the medium are having to work really hard to hold their energy in this way. It’s kind of like if you are at the gym and you are holding a barbell or doing squats or running on the treadmill. You can’t do it indefinitely!


As a result, spirit communication is very efficient so that everyone involved can make the most use of the limited time. As mediums, we allow all of our senses to be used by those in spirit for the purpose of communicating with you. Communication comes very fast in a rush of images, feelings and a few words and sounds. The medium has to put all of this together in an instant!


That’s what makes it possible for us pass the messages along to you in a coherent manner. As well – at the same time that we are making sense of what we are getting from Spirit – we are also trying to filter out any of our own “selves” so your loved ones can share their thoughts and messages in a very pure way, just for you. It is truly a miracle that this communication can happen.


Just take a look at what the medium gets first, and what you then get as the sitter! Here’s an example, with me as the medium. All of the below comes to me in about 5 seconds!


What I see: man, brown hair – straight combed to the left. Thin to no hair
What I feel: heavy, tall, pain in chest
What I see: the number 2
What I know: father
What I feel: funny/humorous
What I hear: laughter
What I hear: gone too soon
What I see: Woman behind the man
What I see: wedding ring
What I feel: back pain


Just a few seconds later, this is what I say to you (the loved one of the Spirits):

“I am connecting with a male who feels to be of average height around 5’10” with a solid build but not muscular. He identifies himself as a father of two and also shows me he was married when he passed. He had straight, fine brown hair and he combed it to the left. His hair thinned out to balding as he aged. He passed quickly of what feels to be a heart attack and young; 65 or younger. He has a great sense of humor. He also dealt with back pain while he was here, but this was not associated with his passing. He is also telling me that he is with his mother on the other side.”


We mediums make communication look easy enough, but it is actually very complex! You can see why sometimes there are glitches in what the medium says, resulting in a “no” from the client. “No, I don’t recognize that,” or “No, that is not correct.” That is okay! There is no perfection in spirit communication. There is no perfect communication in the physical world, either. Different people have different communication styles and even preferences for how much they communicate. Sometimes it’s a wonder we ever understand each other!


In a good reading or communication between the spirit and medium there will be at least 80% or more “yes” than “no” throughout the reading. Keep in mind, too, that your loved one on the other side will talk about their whole life. Not just when they passed! And, they will speak from their point of view, not necessarily the way you view them. So their perspectives can be surprising sometimes. They do want to communicate with us, as much as we want to communicate with them. The miracle of mediumship allows this to happen. Beautiful isn’t it?