People frequently ask, “What is the difference between a psychic reading and a medium reading? How do you get your information? Which type of session is right for me?”

Please bear with me as I give a little background to help answer these questions. In my experience, many people want a psychic reading because they want to know about their future and what is going to happen. So they go for a reading and maybe they hear what they want, maybe they don’t. In any case, the paths that a reader sees can change due to many variables, including free will.  We often hear “it has been written” and our life has been pre-determined, or that we agreed to a contract before coming into this lifetime. While this is true, there are still variables.

These variables are what can throw us off track (our path) but also enable us to learn and grow in different ways depending on what we do and how we decide to deal with these variables. We can stay in a never-ending loop (addiction) or we can choose to learn and grow to the best of our ability and move forward. Examples of variables are drug and alcohol abuse, entering into and staying in a relationship we know to be abusive and harmful to ourselves, or being hurt or traumatized by another (rape, robbery, war, car accidents, bombings). These are all events that intersect our lives and sometimes we are the innocent bystanders. Our paths then get shaken, stalled or even cut off early (death).

So, you ask, then why have a psychic reading? To me, a psychic reading provides spiritual guidance regarding life issues.  We all have life issues to deal with and we all have lessons to learn. This is where a psychic reading can help. When we are unable to see or clarify for ourselves, our guides are here to assist. They offer insight and clarity about what is going on. They will often show us future paths as well, and sometimes multiple paths, depending on decisions made. While we may receive information about future events, such as whether a job will come through or if we will move and have children or if there is illness on the horizon, a psychic reading also assists in helping us gain clarity to what is going on and how to move through it. It helps us to see some of the things that may be blocking or inhibiting our path and the flow of things, and once we have this clarity we now have the ability to change things in order to move forward in the ways that are best for us.

In contrast to a psychic reading, the main purpose of a medium reading is to connect with our loved ones who have passed. When I make a connection to a spirit, I receive their messages in primarily three ways: hearing (clairaudience),  seeing (clairvoyance), and feeling (clairsentience). When these are all combined, a message and overall picture is given. These medium sessions often bring us comfort and a knowing that our loved ones are okay or in a good place since they have passed. These sessions help us to feel the authentic connection we so miss since our loved ones have departed this world. Our loved ones share their continued involvement in our lives by telling us what they have witnessed or participated in since passing – our graduations, parties, family gatherings, or even watching TV with us, the same way they did in the physical world. They may answer questions regarding their passing or offer insight into what is going on in your life now.

Medium sessions can be quite powerful and they may assist in our grief process. Medium sessions are often entertaining as well! Our personalities do not change when we pass. So if a spirit is funny, grumpy, or vain, that will come through as well. Our pets often show up in these sessions as well! When they come forth in a session it is often a wonderful surprise. Our pets are as tied to us as any of our other loved ones are.

I hope this helps to understand the difference between my psychic and medium readings and assists you in determining which session is right for you. If you want both readings, as many people do, I offer a combined reading as well. This is a very comprehensive and intensive session that brings forth connections with both your loved ones and your guides. These sessions provide sufficient time to answer many questions and gain deep insight into your life.