The way I see spirits is different from the way I see people. With spirits, I see a change in energy – like it becomes more dense. Also, spirits send me images of themselves as they were in this lifetime with you. For instance, if your mother wore dresses a lot, I will see a woman wearing a dress. I will not always be able to see the face clearly. These type of images come very quickly and I see them in my third eye or “mind’s eye.”

When spirits come forward for you, they send me messages about themselves through pictures, thoughts and physical feeling ( clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience). I put these three together, and a whole picture emerges. I can then discern one spirit from another, as well as identify what is unique about the spirit coming forward. These unique features are not just for identification, but also points of validation for you, the sitter. Validation is important because no respectable reader wants to try to “force” spirit information to fit. I want to ensure that I am truly connecting with your loved one, and not a random spirit passing by to say hello! These spirits are here to communicate with you and I am the bridge to allow this to happen for you.

To give you an idea of what it’s like for me, here is a detailed example of a spirit identifying themselves to me, and how I relay this to the sitter.

I am shown a man dressed nicely. He shows me his clothes as nice slacks and a dress shirt. It looks very meticulous. Ironed. He gives me the impression that he was into his clothes and how he looked. My body feels bulky in a muscular way. I feel as though I am physically in shape. I also feel a sensation on my upper left arm. This is a tattoo. I also hear laughing. He has a good sense of humor. He shows me a picture of him standing next to a woman and I see my symbol for a marriage. This is her husband. He motions his hands toward him as though he is saying come here, but this is his way of showing me that he takes responsibility for his passing. It’s not necessarily suicide – it could be by his actions.

All of this comes together very quickly. Through this I am able to tell the sitter that her husband is here and he tells me that he always dressed nice. His looks and clothes were important to him. He is also someone who was in good physical shape. Based on how my body feels he had muscles but was not bulky like a body builder. I hear him laughing. He liked to joke and had a good sense of humor. He states that he takes responsibility for how he passed and he also shows me that he has a tattoo on his upper left arm.

If the sitter validates this spirit as her husband, then I proceed with the rest of the reading in the same manner. Communicating with spirits is a lot like meeting new people, and it is often just as rewarding for me as for the sitter.