People ask me all the time: “So… you’re a… ummm… Psychic Medium. So do you know what I am thinking? Are you reading me right now?”

That’s a great question, and here’s my answer: No! I don’t know, nor do I want to know – LOL! When I am not in a session with a client or doing a group reading, I close off my intuition as much as possible.  If I don’t close off, I get bombarded all day by thoughts and feelings that are not mine, or I get pictures related to other people. Sometimes I even have to listen to some chatty spirits!  This can be exhausting and non-productive.  However, even though I try to close as much as possible, things do get through once in a while.

For example, there are times I have felt compelled to share a message with someone regarding their health or a message that their loved one wants to pass on. It can be very interesting when I am buying groceries at the checkout counter and I feel someone standing behind me (a spirit) and I hear, “tell her Joe says hi and he is doing great!” If I said this to the poor old lady behind the counter, she may have a heart attack! As I encounter people throughout my day, I could know many things and intuit many things, but I do not always know what religious beliefs people may have, or at what stage of grief they may be in.  Sometimes, people are just not ready to hear certain messages, even if it is what they need. This is why I try to close off my intuition except when I am working. I do feel privileged to have this wonderful gift to use in helping many people, but I do not read people all day.

Yes, I am a psychic medium. Yes, I do see, hear and feel many things that others don’t. Yes, I do communicate with spirits. So, am I reading you right now? No, not unless we’re in session together!