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If you’ve ever signed up for a large group medium reading, you probably hoped, wished and maybe even prayed that your loved one from the Other Side would come through for you.

When the day comes and the reading begins, you’re excited. The medium begins to connect with someone in the Spirit World …  they describe the person on the Other Side … and you tune in more closely.

Is it my husband, father, friend, brother?

With every new detail, you become more and more certain (or at least hopeful) that your loved one is trying to connect with you. And then the medium feels a pull to someone else. Oh no! You think: But what about me?

The Spirit World Drives the Connection

I have conducted numerous group readings over the years, and I know how confusing and disappointing this situation can be!

You might wonder: Who determines who comes through from the Spirt World? How does the medium determine who the reading is for?

In any medium reading, your loved ones on the Other Side decide who shows up, and in what order. I’m the messenger. I have a direct connection with someone in the Spirit world, nudging me to recognize them and communicate on their behalf to a loved one here.

When I feel that pull, it’s a strong feeling that clicks as soon as I hear from the person they’re trying to reach. The person on the Other Side essentially tells me, “Yes … yes … this is my person I’m trying to connect with!” At that moment, a strong link is established, and we move forward with the reading directed to that person.

In large groups, there will inevitably be commonalities. Communicators on the other side have transitioned in similar ways. They have similar personalities. They send similar messages of love and support. These likenesses can cause confusion for those in the group audience.

What Is “Piggybacking” in a Group Medium Reading?

If you’ve ever attended one of my large group readings, you know I always encourage everyone to pay attention to the messages coming through for others. The reason is that messages from the Spirit world often overlap. Sometimes we call it “piggybacking.”

I recently hosted a large group reading with over 200 participants. With every connection that came through from the Other Side, a handful of people were 100% sure it was their loved one. As the medium, I had to tune into the detailed nuances — as well as the pull from the person on the Spirit world — to differentiate who the reading was actually for.

What about all the overlaps … the things that were true for everyone who was sure the reading was for them?

The Spirit world is actually very sweet, gentle and knowing. Your loved ones on the Other Side are aware that you want to hear from them. But similarities among the communicators may push them to “join together” to collectively deliver the message. The reading might be directed specifically to the person here who needs to hear it the most at that time. People in the Spirit world graciously allow the person on the Other Side who needs to speak the most to make the connection.

This is why it’s so important to listen to all the messages coming through from the Other Side, even those that aren’t being directly delivered to you from your loved one. Think of it as a wave or stream, full of energy from your loved ones with similarities to the person connecting during the reading. It’s their way of letting you know that they’re sending you the same messages, through this joint energy. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

A Tale of Six Husbands

During a recent large group reading, I had six men from the Spirit world come forward all at the same time to make a connection. As I listened, they all said they are husbands. All six transitioned suddenly due to a heart attack. They all had a great sense of humor.

Right away, many people in the audience could relate to “their husband.”

Then the details started to become more nuanced. One man even showed me that he was wearing his “silly shorts,” hoping that would make sense to his wife. Still, more than one person was able to relate.

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At this point, one of the men presented with a stronger pull than the others. That’s when I could feel who the connection was directly meant for, and we could narrow it down to that individual.

It’s worth reiterating that those other husbands, wearing their silly shorts or not, were still there, using this collective energy to communicate with their wives, too. They were just letting this particular gentleman speak today.

So, Is the Reading for YOU?

Your loved ones on the Other Side are always there for you. They want to show their ongoing support and love just as much as you want to receive it and send it back to them.

Sometimes the messages are direct, clearly aimed at you. Other times, though, their connections are indirect and come through others’ loved ones.

If you listen closely, with an open mind and a welcoming heart, you might be touched by the beautiful messages you can receive in a large group setting.

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