Imagine being on vacation. You’re in a beautiful place, where you feel very comfortable, relaxed and free. Maybe you have children or other family members back home. You know they probably miss you, but they’re doing fine. Even though you’re enjoying your vacation, you still think of them and remain connected.

Maybe you call them on the phone, maybe you send them a few text messages or maybe you simply think of them with love.

In the same vein, your loved ones on the Other Side remain connected to you. Do they miss you? Of course. Do they still love you? Absolutely. Can they communicate it to you in the same way as if they were on vacation? No.

That’s where the analogy ends. But your loved ones can — and do — send their love in other ways.

But Don’t They Miss Us?

The short answer to this question is yes. Your loved ones on the Other Side miss you, but you are still connected on a soul level. The connection takes on a different form, one that’s far less tangible than when they were here. But they still love you and remained connected.

During medium readings, people in the Spirit world often tell me how they miss having everyday talks over coffee or attending big family celebrations. But they’ll quickly add that they’re still with you at those times. “I still sit with you in those moments,” they’ll want me to relay to you, or “I’m part of the family get together, you just might not know that I’m there!”

Emotions on the Other Side

Your loved ones on the Other Side are still people, which is one reason we refer to their passing as a “transition.” This transition moves them from their physical body to a more energetic form.

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Personalities don’t change when a person transitions, so of course, they still feel some level of emotion. However, after conducting thousands of readings, I’ve come to understand and recognize that people in the Spirit world don’t carry the same intensity of emotions as we do here — with one exception: love.

The Other Side is a place where there is no judgement, social demands or religious pressures. We are loved completely and unconditionally as we are. We’re free to express ourselves completely and fully without the pressures we’ve put on ourselves here in the physical world. It’s hard to imagine, but there are no “norms” on the Other Side. People simply are who they are. And in the Spirit world, they’re loved — and they love — unconditionally.

Most emotions, however, are far much lighter. For example, I don’t hear people in the Spirit world express anger, sadness or grief. People on the Other Side might express concern about somebody here, but they don’t “worry” in the same way as they might in the physical world.

Busy, but Connected

People in the Spirit world keep busy. They are still people. They think, make decisions, learn and grow. Their world on the Other Side is just as full of things to do as is our physical world here.

Sometimes they’ll even share their experiences.

During one reading, a husband told his wife that he was diving into some woodworking craftsmanship that he didn’t have the opportunity to learn while he was here. He was so specific when he shared his story!

He wanted his wife to know that he was studying with an Italian master woodworker. He added that he really didn’t care much for Swedish-style design, which she confirmed.

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Your loved ones in the Spirit world keep busy in their activities on the Other Side — and also by visiting their family and friends here. It’s really pretty amazing, but easier to grasp when you remember that they are in an energetic form, and energy has no limits.

Still, no matter how busy they are, it doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten you! People in the Spirit world carry memories, and often relay them during readings.

In a recent reading, one woman’s husband cracked us up from the moment he connected. He had a great sense of humor, and it came through as he shared memories. One of the funniest things he showed me was that he did something really silly with his jeans. His wife burst out laughing. She told me he used to pull his pants way up past his waist and walk around the house to make her chuckle. Another memory he shared was about the time he shaved all kinds of funny angles into his beard, right before he shaved it off entirely. His wife explained that her husband had made a mistake when trimming his beard, so before shaving it off, he had a little fun with it!

Your loved ones know you’re thinking about them, and often respond by sending memories or signs back to you. That’s why it’s so important to remain open to receiving these messages.

Think about those moments when you’re in the middle of something (driving, washing the dishes, gardening, etc.) and all of a sudden, somebody from the Other Side pops into your mind.

Your loved one is probably paying you a visit. Instead of trying to rationalize it away, embrace it, welcome and thank them! Instead of trying to rationalize it away, welcome it. The more we welcome their signs – and thank them for sending them – the stronger our connections grow.

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