In medium readings, people on the Other Side often mention important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. So, do they keep a calendar like we do in the physical world? Does time mean the same thing to them as to us? Not really!

Here in our physical world, we rely on clocks and calendars — seconds, minutes, days, years — to know when to show up for our meetings, classes, dates, appointments or parties. Time is linear and measurable.

It’s not that way on the Other Side.

The Spirit world is all energy, so time and space don’t exist they way they do for us. Our loved ones can be in many places at the same time. This explains why multiple family members can simultaneously feel a loved one’s presence, even if they’re in different locations.

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It might help you to think about how time can be fluid even for us here in the physical world. Recall joyful events or activities — didn’t time seem to fly? And, what about difficult situations that dragged on minute by minute —  as if the clock were stuck in slow motion. Didn’t it seem like time had slowed to a crawl? When you think about how we can experience time in these different ways, that may help you get a clearer picture of time on the Other Side.

While time isn’t quantifiable or relevant in the Spirit world, it still comes up in readings. When a loved one uses the word “soon,” I ask them to translate that into a conventional measure of time in the physical world. Does soon mean a day … a week … years?

So then, what about those special occasions that we mark on our calendars? Do our loved ones know about them? Do they celebrate with us?

Birthdays and Anniversaries on the Other Side

Special dates like birthdays and anniversaries usually have a lot of emotional meaning to us in the physical world. But because time doesn’t exist in the same way on the Other Side, loved ones may or may not acknowledge these occasions. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t. Remember, there are no calendars in the Spirit world!

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Sometimes, though, they will mention a special occasion during a reading. You might wonder why — or how — they can recognize a date if time doesn’t exist in the same way on the Other Side.

They’re able to bring up these dates in their messages because of their strong connection to you — and the meaning you give those dates. Loved ones often use dates as evidential information during a reading. It’s also a way of letting you know that they’re aware of your acknowledgment of those dates.

Do They Celebrate with Us?

Birthdays and anniversaries are opportunities to celebrate life, or to honor someone on the date of their transition. Our loved ones know when we’re thinking of them, and are very aware of what’s going on in our lives.

They’re connected to everything that we do here, even while they’re busy with their own activities in the Spirit world.

Think of it this way: Most of us are constantly juggling many people and activities. We may have family and friends spread out in different parts of the world. And yet, we generally know about special events or milestones in their lives. From the “big” birthdays to graduations, weddings, birth of a new baby, etc., we’re aware of and can track these important events.

And while distance, travel or finances may limit our ability to participate in these celebrations in our physical world, those constraints don’t exist in the Spirit World. As a result, our loved ones are able to join in on celebrations from the Other Side. They often share their excitement about an upcoming event during a reading, letting you know that they’ll be there.

This is especially true when the event involves their memory. Keep in mind that they absolutely love it when we think of them and celebrate them. It makes them feel good, just like it makes us feel good here.

The next time you’re celebrating a family occasion, invite your loved ones on the Other Side, and welcome them with open hearts.

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