Did you know that your loved ones on the Other Side want to connect with you — just as much as you want to connect with them? That’s a beautiful thing.

It’s also one reason you can connect with your spouse, other family members, friends and even pets who’ve transitioned.

As a medium, I can connect with other people’s loved ones on the Other Side. It’s an ability that I was born with and have developed through rigorous training over the years. But by tapping into your intuition, you can connect with your own loved ones.

Is It a Sign or Your Imagination?

Communications with the Spirit world go in both directions.

People often receive signs from their loved ones on the Other Side, but trust and doubt get in the way of accepting them. How do you know if something is a sign, a memory or a figment of your imagination?

For one, signs occur when you least expect them.

If you’re out in public and you smell a perfume that reminds you of your grandmother, she’s most likely with you at that moment.

You might be thinking about one thing, and an entirely different, unrelated thought  — like “Disney World” — pops into your head. And all of a sudden, your mind drifts to back to the time you and your family took that fun vacation. You think of your dad (who was much younger at the time) teaching you how to play volleyball on the beach. That Disney World thought was probably your dad sending you a sign from the Other Side.

Or you might be out running errands when a lyric in a song on the radio catches your attention, in a way that feels random to you. It could be a favorite phrase that one of your close friends (now on the Other Side) used to say all the time, or a song they loved. That’s also a sign.

Another way to tell a sign from your memory or imagination is that communication from the Spirit world is much more efficient than in the physical realm. Messages are short—usually just a single word or phrase. You probably won’t hear an entire sentence.

Signs can be words, symbols, smells or even just a feeling. Here are a few common examples of signs from the Other Side — and questions you can ask yourself to figure out who might be sending them:

  • You feel like someone is in the room with you — even though you’re the only one in the house. Ask, “Who is with me right now?” Whoever pops into your mind first will likely be who is visiting. Thank them! And welcome them to visit more.
  • A phrase that your grandmother used to say all the time pops into your head—at a seemingly random time. That is a visit!
  • You catch a whiff of cigarettes, even though no one around you is smoking. Who does this remind you of? It’s probably that person.
  • A bird hovers around your patio while you’re outside enjoying your morning tea. You can ask, “Who is this gift from?” Go with the person that pops into your mind first.
  • “Your” song comes on the radio in the car just when you need it. Who is the person on the Other Side that was your motivator? This is probably who is helping you.
  • While alone in a room, you feel a light touch on your shoulder. Who does this touch remind you of? You can always ask, “Is this who I think it is?” If you get a “yes,” thank them. No? Go down your list of loved ones on the Other Side until you get to a “yes.”

Keep in mind that your loved ones communicate through the senses that are available to them — and in a way that’s meaningful to you. If your loved one was not a visual person, they may not send you images. They communicate from the Other Side like they did when they were here.

Also, personalities carry over into the Spirit world; if your husband had a great sense of humor, he might continue to joke around with you by playing tricks (Remember that time you were sure you turned the TV off, but as soon as you got upstairs, you heard it turn back on …. ?)

Having Trouble Connecting?

Everyone is born with intuition. The key is learning to recognize and develop it.  If you feel like you can’t connect, the first step is to ask yourself why. It could be that you’re second-guessing yourself.

Doubt can be a powerful barrier. When you release it — even some of it — you can learn to trust your intuition. Think back to times when you felt like something was “off” about a person — even though you couldn’t quite put your finger on the exact reason. Chances are, you were right!

It’s like when you feel someone staring at you, and then turn around to see them looking right at you … how did you know? You’ve made an energy connection.

The same thing happens when you feel a loved one’s presence. Energetic connections may not be tangible, but they’re definitely palpable. Don’t deny or dismiss them! The more you work with your intuition, the stronger your ability to connect will become.

Honor Your Intuition … and Your Loved Ones

Some people have natural abilities to be runners, artists or musicians. Even if you don’t, you can always dip your toes in the athletic or artistic waters. You may not paint like Picasso, but you could still paint — and find it a deeply rewarding experience.

Try to think of the ability to connect in the same way. Mediums have the strong, natural ability to connect with people on the Other Side. Over time, and through extensive training, we’ve learned to fine-tune our intuitive skills. You can develop yours, too — in a way that that allows you to make meaningful connections with your own family members and friends who have transitioned.

In my many years of mediumship, one of the most common themes I hear is how much your loved ones want to connect with you. It can be both beautiful and comforting to know that they want to hear from you. They want to remind you of your bond. And they want to send their love. Why not welcome and embrace it with an open heart?

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